Repairing faded pictures

Repairing faded pictures in Lethbridge is a simple task. Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo is a world class photo restoration company located in Lethbridge Alberta. We deal with thousands of photo repairs and enhancements per year.

There are several compelling reasons why individuals should get faded pictures repaired at Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Firstly, we offer personalized and customer-oriented experience. Something that larger impersonal companies lack. At Paterson Photography, customers can expect to receive individual attention and dedicated assistance throughout the entire photo repair process.

Beware of the IMPERSONAL places

Repairing faded pictures

A significant problem with using the large impersonal companies for photo repairs is the potential loss of original photos during the handling and even the shipping process. These companies often ship large volume of orders to a central lab. Increasing the likelihood of mishandling or misplacing precious originals. In contrast, Paterson Photography provides a local solution. Eliminating the risks associated with shipping and ensuring that customers’ valuable photographs remain safe and secure.

Another disadvantage of relying on large companies is the possibility of dealing with poorly trained staff. These employees may lack the necessary expertise and attention to detail required for delicate photo restoration work. Conversely at Paterson Photography I have undergone extensive training in photo repair techniques. This ensures that ALL customers receive high-quality results and restores their faith in the value of professional craftsmanship.

Moreover, many staff at larger companies exhibit a lack of interest for photo restoration. In contrast, at Paterson Photography I have a genuine passion and interest in preserving and reviving your precious memories.

Horrors of the part-time business

On the other hand, relying on an individual who repairs photos only part-time can pose several problems. Firstly, limited training and expertise may compromise the quality of the repairs. Without extensive training and experience, there is a higher chance of subpar results or unintentional damage to the original photographs. Many of the part time people doing photo repairs do not having a climate-controlled facility. This can lead to further deterioration of the originals. Especially if they are exposed to unfavorable environmental conditions.

Furthermore, relying on someone who repairs photos part-time may result in longer turnaround times. This could be due to limited availability and the prioritization of other commitments. Customers may experience delays in receiving their restored photos.

Repairing faded pictures made easy in Lethbridge

Showing the differences between an old faded and discolored image to a restorered and colorized image

Choosing Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo in Lethbridge, Alberta to repair your faded pictures offers numerous advantages over large impersonal companies and part-time individuals. My personalized service. Avoidance of shipping risks. My extensive training, and genuine interest in photo restoration make me the best choice for customers seeking high-quality repairs and the preservation of their irreplaceable memories.

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