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Do you require build progress photos, architectural or real estate photos? Paterson photography has been offering these services for years.

Professional photography to make your building look the best it can. Document the build as it progresses. Showcase the building when construction is done but before occupancy. Get amazing images for real estate listings if you are selling.

Real estate
Lethbridge College
Real estate
Show your home professionally!

I have complete PPE gear as well as years of experience working on active construction sites and within new buildings.

I am able to provide on going photography of active builds for reports, updates and insurance needs. Daily, weekly, monthly – you can select.

Images with GPS encoded data available if required.

All images are provided with 100% rights to you, the client, to use as you see fit.

Large selection of specialty photography gear to get you the angle and the lighting that you want and need.

If you are selling a property I am able to assist with staging the property to get the best images at the right time of day.

From residential homes to large scale commercial shoots I am able to get you the quality and the quantity that you want and need on the schedule that you demand!

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