Prints from your phone

When you want quality prints from your phone look no further than Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo in Lethbridge Alberta.

Why you want to get your prints from you phone pictures printed with us.

  1. High-quality prints: Professional-grade printers with high-quality photo paper. The prints have better color accuracy, sharpness, and overall image quality then using other labs. We have the expertise and equipment to produce superior prints compared to copy shops or home printers.
  2. Color calibration: EVERY DAY we calibrate our printers to ensure accurate color reproduction. This means your prints are more likely to match what you see on your phone screen. Giving you greater confidence in the final output.
  3. Specialized paper options: We offer a variety of paper types and finishes. You can choose the paper that best suits your preferences or the specific purpose of your prints. You can select glossy, matte, lustre, or other specialized papers to enhance the visual appeal of your photos.
  4. Editing and enhancement services: Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo offers additional services like photo editing and enhancement.
  5. Instant printing: You can visit our Lethbridge lab or upload your photos from your phone from work or home.
  6. Convenience: No trying to print at home only to find out that you are out of ink or paper. Or WORSE YET. The printer is clogged and in order to get a print you need to waste expensive ink to clear the clog. Printing with us will save you time and MONEY.
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Quality prints from your phone – SAME DAY

In addition to all the points above one of the biggest benefit is that you can get your prints the same day!! Get your printing done in Lethbridge at our secure photolab.

EVERY order receives professional treatment at affordable prices!

Order at home or at work

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