Printing Facebook Images in Lethbridge

Printing Facebook images does not have to be so scary or hard. When you come to the right photolab you will get the best possible quality.

Why is it difficult to get good quality prints from Facebook pictures?

Printing Facebook Images after they have been posted

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When you take high-resolution photos with your cell phone or digital camera, the quality will decrease when you upload them to Facebook or any other social media platform. These platforms down-size the images, leading to poor print quality later on.

Another reason for low-resolution Facebook images is that many people store their files in the cloud. If not set up properly, cloud storage might save images in low resolution. When these images are uploaded to social media, they undergo downsizing once again.

Clients approach me with pictures weekly they want prints of. But the file is only available on Facebook. To address this, I’ve invested in an AI program that can upscale images. This will also improve their quality. Even if you only have a low-resolution social media image, I can increase its resolution to make it suitable for printing.

I’ve successfully increased the size of images up to 20×30 from social media. The success depends on the image and its subject. But generally, my upscaling program is effective at enhancing image quality and size.

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Additionally, when your printing your Facebook images at a professional lab, I ensure they are adjusted for color, density, and contrast to achieve the best possible quality.

If you want to print images from social media, reach out to me. I’ll be happy to assist you.