Printing digital Images

I am often asked what is the best media to select when printing digital images and I have to say that there is no easy answer for this.  It all depends on the image you are printing.  Some images look better on a matte or semi matte paper and others look amazing on a high gloss metallic.  One thing I always caution is that canvas is not suitable for all images so be careful when ordering a canvas print (or selling to your client).  Canvas should have some contrast in the image to make it pop when printed, and if your image has a lot of fine detail a canvas print may do more harm to the image than using another media.

Some media selections include: matte, semi matte, luster, gloss, metallic, canvas, presentation matte and watercolor.  Each media works better with certain images and can enhance the images being printed.

If you are a photographer in Lethbridge or southern Alberta feel free to come into the studio with your image and I will help to select the best media for your images. If you are not able to make it to my office in Lethbridge then feel free to E-mail your image and I can help you with it by E-mail.

Turn around time for printing digital images: most prints can be done the same day, for canvas please allow at least one week if you would like your print to be laminated. Lamination allows your canvas print to be dusted and even washed if you need to.

For more information on printing digital images check out our web site

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