Be prepared!

As many of you will know I am a preparedness nut and as this is emergency preparedness week and I would like to give you a reminder to take a few minutes to prepare. As we have seen in the past year around southern Alberta, and North America, things can and do happen that will take us out of our comfort zone.

A few things that you can do to prepare:

1) Get a 72 hour emergency kit
– Water – at least two litres of water per person per day; include small bottles that can be carried easily in case of an evacuation order
– Food that won’t spoil, such as canned food, energy bars and dried foods (replace food and water once a year)
– Manual can-opener
– Crank or battery-powered flashlight (and extra batteries). Replace batteries once a year.
– Crank, battery-powered radio (and extra batteries) or Weatheradio (as a side not a car radio is a great emergency radio as it has its own power source)
– First aid kit

– Extra keys to your car and house
– Some cash in smaller bills, such as $10 bills and change for payphones
– A copy of your emergency plan and contact information
– If applicable, other items such as prescription medication, infant formula, equipment for people with disabilities, or food, water and medication for your pets or service animal (personalize according to your needs)

2) Take pictures of all your possessions, scan insurance and other important documents, get some pictures of family members and save to a USB drive that you can store at a friends or relatives place. Using the Cloud is a good idea as long as you can remember your login information when on the road.

3) Keep downspouts and drains around your property clear

4) Know what to do if a tornado is threatening

5) Check your house and business for possible electrical issues, make sure cords are in good working order and plugs are not overloaded.

6) Put a emergency kit in your vehicle (water – in warmer weather, food – dried fruit & nuts or granola bars, first aid kit, blanket)

7) Plan – think about where you would go if a local emergency hit, or a regional emergency. Do you know different routes to get out of town to your site?

8) If storms are threatening fuel up your vehicles

It sure does not take a lot to be prepared but can really help if you are in an emergency.

This link has some good ideas

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