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When you need photos repaired look no further than Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo in Lethbridge Alberta.

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Having your old photos repaired have many benefits:

  1. Preservation: Over time, photographs can deteriorate, fade, discolor, or suffer from physical damage such as tears or scratches. When we repair your photos it preserves your images for future generations.
  2. Restoration of Original Quality: My skills all me to use advanced techniques to repair your old photos. Many times photos can be repaired to their original quality. Sometimes even better. I can repair damage, remove blemishes, correct color fading, and enhance overall image quality.
  3. Emotional Value: Old photos often hold sentimental value, representing cherished memories and moments.
  4. Historical Significance: Some old photos have historical value, documenting important events, people, or places. My professional restoration can help preserve these historical artifacts, ensuring their accuracy and authenticity.

Photos once repaired make GREAT GIFTS!

  1. Enhanced Visual Appeal: Once I restored your photos they often exhibit improved visual aesthetics. They can appear sharper, more vibrant, and well-balanced, making them more enjoyable to view and display.
  2. Sharing and Displaying: Once I restore your prints, you can proudly display your old photos in various ways, such as framing them, creating photo albums, or sharing them digitally. Restored images make GREAT GIFTS.
  3. Reproduction and Printing: Restored photos can be reproduced and printed in different sizes and formats, providing flexibility for personal use or for gifting to family members or friends.
Showing the differences between an old faded and discolored image to a restorered and colorized image. Photos repaired.

Use a professional to get your photos repaired

It’s worth noting that the extent of restoration and the final results can vary depending on the condition of the original photo and the expertise of the professional. In Lethbridge your fully trained photo restorer is Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo. Discussing your expectations and requirements with the restoration specialist can help ensure the best possible outcome.

Photos Repaired can bring back information that was going to be lost

Pricing – Photo restoration

Original prints and documents have many factors that will effect how much work needs to be done during the restoration. Because of this I strongly suggest you bring in your image(s) to have me quote on them. I do not charge for quotes and I can let you know what options you have available when you tell me how much restoration you want done.


Level 1 – Basic restoration – Minor scratches, spots or discoloration $19.99
Level 2 – Minor restoration – Scratches or rips in the image $29.99


Level 3 – Major restoration – Repair minor missing parts of an image, major scratches, major color repair $79.99
Level 4 – Extensive restoration – Repair face damage, add color to image $99.99


Level 5 – Adding or removing a person, changing background $199.99

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