Photo Resizing

I was given the challenge of doing some photo resizing for a customer. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been dealing with a customer who had a tragedy in their life. Someone in their family passed away. Unfortunately for them all the images they had of this person were extremely low resolution. They wanted a couple prints for the memorial service and the files were to low resolution to print.

After doing a lot of research I ended up purchasing an artificial intelligence (AI) program. This program would resize their images for them. They could have a higher quality image to print. Plus we could save the files in a high res to a USB stick for the future.

Photo Resizing from smart phone images

Photo resizing from a smart phone to a printable size in Lethbridge

After using this program I realized that it’s something that many of my customers have asked me for over the years. But resizing images a lot Was not possible. This program will take low resolution images and upsize them so that they are able to be printed.

This program is not 100% perfect. But it sure improves the quality of the digital files I have tried in it. It’s can save a lot of images that I have turned away in the past from printing because they were so low resolution.

So I am now offering the same service to all my clients. I can resize or upsize your images for your records or if you want prints from them I can do that. I’m able to resize images up to 600% increase over the original file size.

Photos resized or upsized to a higher resolution
Order photo prints online Lethbridge

The benefit of this program is also for clients wanting photo restoration. If you are trying to have a photo restored it is better to do it from a high-resolution file then from a low resolution file. Using this program I can increase the file sizes before doing a restoration. Many times customers bring me in digital files that they were Emailed and that is all they have to work with.

NOW we can run the resizing, then restore the image for a better end result!

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