Phone Scams Caution

I have been getting a lot of phone calls from different companies (today 2 from different companies selling the same thing) that I thought I would drop a quick alert about.  I know that one of the big groups that scammers will go after are photographers because we all want to get our name out there to sell our photos and they will push this fact.

Today the two companies were calling about my advertising with their on-line directories, only problem was that I do not advertise with any on-line directories.  They were both very slick calls;

Call 1

“Hi, I am phoning from and would like to verify your listing with us, are you the person that can do this (then really quickly) and authorize an upgrade to your account?”

Call 2

“Hi, how are you today? (leaving no time for an answer – this is one way you can tell a solicitation) I am calling from Data on-line (I think this is what she said as she said it so fast I could not hear) and would like to take a few minutes to confirm your paid listing with us”

This is the time of year that scammers start pushing for victims.  In the last week I have had over a dozen calls all of which are selling me some great advertising deals that I have never heard of, or offering to get me first place rankings on GOOGLE (one even said when I challenged him that he was calling from GOOGLE), or offering you a GREAT deal on a website, 10 pages for only $75.00 with hosting and just about anything else I wanted to get me to say yes.  BEWARE these are scams, some sound great. One I got was from the Yellow Pages (who I do deal with) but they had no information about my account and kept telling me that they now take Visa & MC for my advertising and all I had to do was to give them my card number and I would get a great discount on a new ad program!

The worst one so far that I have heard of is a group out of the east that calls about a directory and they say nothing about a cost, just that they want to confirm your listing details.  When you do this a month later you will get a bill for a listing in a directory that you have never heard of.

My suggestion, if it is to good to be true, you did not call the company yourself, you cannot understand, etc.  Give out no information, not even your name – address or phone number, if they really know you then they know your information already.  Second – Ask to be removed from their call list then hang up without answering any questions.

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  1. Thanks Mike
    I had the same call today, a guy saying he was from Google and he’d be able to set it up so any search would bring up my site first, bla bla bla, sounded very genuine, but I NEVER give out my info or credit card number, so I just told them to send me an email with all the details and I will look into it. Kept pursuing the issue, yada yada…so of course its many hours later and he still has not sent me the ‘promised’ email.


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