Pay me now or pay me later

Back in the day when I was growing up (a long long time ago 🙂 ) there was a TV commercial that had a mechanic saying “you can pay me now or pay me later”. It was in reference to you can pay me to do an oil change on your vehicle today or in a number of years you can pay me to fix your blown engine.

Well that also applies to photography and how we handle digital images. You can take the time today to get things organized and backed up or you can spend a lot more time in a month or so trying to recover the lost images.

Last week was my preventative maintenance week, I spent most of the week at the studio rewiring computers, backing up files and installing more external hard drives to use this year. Was it a lot of waiting? You bet it was, but now I know that my files are all backed up from the past year and that I have drives ready for more files this year.

So as we get rolling in 2015 lets take some time to make sure our memories are backed up and saved correctly and we are ready for all the new memories this year.

Better to spend a few minutes now than hours and hours later trying to recover your memories.

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