Our printing department uses four of Epson's best printers - Our state-of-the-art 24'' wide format printer using Chromatic ink features 7-color (CcMmYKk) variable droplet Micro Piezo DX3 drop-on-demand ink jet technology with 180 nozzles x 5 per color print head and 180 nozzles for the monochrome head. Or our industry leading 44" Epson printer that uses 11 colors to render the best possible colors using luster, pearl, semi matte, gloss and canvas media that will set your work apart from all others! NOW we also have two smaller printer to handle 4x6, 5x7 and photo cards!

We print on a wide range of substrates from matte, semi matte, pearl, luster, gloss, metallic, canvas, exhibition fiber or fine art paper. We also print on professional roll and cut sheet media for photographic, proofing, fine art, and signage applications. Maximum size is 44" by 100".

Possibilities truly are endless.

Prices vary depending on size and finish.  Take a look at our price list or give us a call to get a quote on your project.

Are you looking for a quality canvas print?  We offer canvas prints either traditional or full wrap with a special UV inhibitor applied after printing to protect your canvas prints for years.

Many places can print your images, most at least get them close to right, if not the first time maybe the fourth or fifth time.

At Paterson Photography we have been printing for years.  Starting with Black & White darkrooms, to our fully automated color system, to our state of the art wide format system we can look after your printing needs, plus we are color trained!  We print for many very picky customers, we are one of them so we know what is expected.  Most lab staff do not even take pictures so they are guessing at colors, density and finishing.

We offer features that pros want and need.  From test strips, to archiving files, to matched prints we look after all the work for you.
Below are a few items that we offer to help make your prints better and your life easier.  This is what sets us apart from other printers;

Test Strips
- how many times have you wished that the print color was changed just a little.  You go to your lab and they tell you that they can do it "If you buy another print."  Then just when you get it close they change operators, or supplies, and you have to start all over.  We offer test strips for your approval if needed.  Bring in your file and we can run off as many color matched tests as you like.  Then once the color is correct we save the color so all your prints will be exact, you will not have to do this each time like at other labs.

- When you bring in files to be printed you can check the results on our color corrected monitors.  Then we will adjust the colors while you are waiting so you can see the exact color that your final prints will be.

Color Adjusting, Burning, Dodging
- If you have files that need to be adjusted a little more to get the best image - NO PROBLEM.  All our printing includes color correcting and burning and dodging to the files.

File Archiving
- need prints done regularly from certain files?  We can archive the file on our system, then all you need to do is to call with the sizes and the quantities.  Plus, you know the colors will be the same as all the other work as we save your color preferences.

Color Matching
- one of the biggest problems that photographers face is the fact that they never get the same color on two different print sizes.  Sometimes the difference is night and day.  At Paterson Photography we save the color preferences for each file and when we reprint the colors are as close as the industry can make them.  All our prints from wallets to 44x100 prints will look the same, same color, same density.  Try this at other labs!

Turn Around Time
- everything is printed in house at our Lethbridge office.  Work can be done same day for basic printing or same week for coated canvas prints. Rushes may be available.

- Our printing is rated by independent test labs at an average of 100 years.

Please note:
We now offer you a standard print services of 4x6 or 5x7 prints just like the one hour labs - only our printing will help your images to LOOK great!!!

We also offer custom printing services that allows our client to see a color corrected proof before printing and an archiving service that allows clients to get reprints that are matched to your original.

Phone 403 327 1114         1263C 2 Ave South (by appointment only)

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If you would like us to make your prints the best they can be you can get your images to us in a number of ways.

1 - Bring your images into the studio on a camera card, USB stick, CD or DVD
2 - Email your images to us at mike@firstchoicephoto.ca
3 - Upload your images to Dropbox and then share with us at mike@firstchoicephoto.ca
When you need professional custom printing Paterson Photography Ltd. is the choice.

We are the only custom photographic printer in south western Alberta.  We are located in Lethbridge and serve all of western Canada with quality photographic prints and printing.

We do not do cheap poster prints, we offer custom printing services using the best equipment available - no cutting corners!!!

See the difference that a quality print can make.

We now also offer same day matte, semi matte, luster, Exhibition Fiber and glossy prints!

Custom photo print
discount print
With over 31 years of traditional photographic printing experience, Paterson Photography has moved into digital printing with the newest state of the art printers available to the print industry.  Today we print for companies all over western Canada, from graphic designers, lawyers, businesses, photography studios, photographers to manufacturers and architects.

Used by some of the top print houses, museums and collectors our printers are designed to give you the best image available on an assortment of media.  From traditional luster, matte, semi matte, pearl or high gloss photo paper, fine art paper or top of the line canvas paper we offer printing to meet your requirements.

Some of the places that use, or display prints, made from the same printers that we use:

  • The Metropolitan Museum (New York)
  • Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art
  • The Los Angeles County Museum
  • Zimmerli Museum of Art-Rutgers University
  • The British Museum
  • National Museum of Art
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • The New York Public Library
  • San Francisco Museum of Art
  • The Corcoran Gallery
  • Laguna Museum of Art
  • The Washington Post Collection