Dropbox is one of those programs that I love but I do not use it as the company designed it.  If you read about Dropbox you will see that they want to be a site that you use to keep all your files in the cloud, I do not do that. I use Dropbox to share files with myself, family and friends but I only put selected files up there and all my files are still saved locally on external hard drives.  So why do I like Dropbox so much? Well it is because it is free and easy to use and will run from a PC or a Mac and there are no hassles in sharing between platforms.

So how do you use Dropbox?

Well first you need to get the program or app and you can get the app here https://www.dropbox.com/install

Then you need to install it, I do allow Dropbox to start when my computer starts as it will then sync files in the background as you go about other tasks. I also have it put the icon on the task bar so it is easy to find when I need it.

Once installed there are two ways of using Dropbox, the first is like any other drive on your computer.  You use a file viewing program and you can locate the Dropbox drive and you can save and retrieve from there just like you do with any drive on your computer.  The second is you can open a browser program and view/use Dropbox that way.  Myself I use both. I find that when I use the file viewing program it does not allow me to share the files as easily as the web browser does. So how does it work?