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For the photo/ tech crazy people .......

Mike started out shooting 35mm color and B&W back in 1985, then moved to medium format in the early 90's and digital in late 90's.  Today Mike runs one of the most advanced studios around, utilizing 100% digital capture from a variety of digital cameras.  Currently Mike is shooting Canon cameras "There is nothing wrong with other camera manufacturers but I started shooting Canon many years ago and have come back a couple times to Canon as I find the quality is excellent and the cameras are easy to use in the field".

Canon 5D Mark IV
Canon 40D
Canon 70D

"I have lots of lenses and seem to always be looking for more.  From 10mm to 600 mm I have the range covered".

Sigma 10-20mm
Canon 24-70L
Canon 70-200L
Canon 100 F2
Canon 100 2.8L Macro
Canon 18 - 135
Sigma 150 - 600

Mike has operated a number of high speed printers including Fuji and Noritsu, as well as a custom B&W darkroom.  In the late 90's Mike moved into digital printing using a variety of printers from dyesub, thermal, laser and inkjet.  Today Mike runs several of the most advanced wide format printers available, producing museum quality prints up to 44"x100" from a variety of media for individuals and companies across Canada. Currently Mike runs 4 printers to prints from standard 4x6, 5x7 & 8x10 lab prints to custom 44x100" prints.

Mike became involved early in computers and started teaching computers while he was still in High School. Always looking for ways to improve work flow, Mike now consults for a number of companies that design computer programs.  Mike runs several networks around western Canada that keep his studio on the cutting edge of technology, enabling customers to access files from any place in the world and allowing Mike to upload files in minutes to clients, even from remote locations.  "I hate to say I am a Geek but...... I guess the name fits.  I have 8 computers for just me, a little overkill for most people but most days I use all of them from running printers, Email, editing, etc".

Mike started using Adobe Photoshop back when version 5 came out.  Quickly grabbing on to the program Mike was offered a chance to learn from one of the best schools in western Canada for Adobe Photoshop, Langara College. Shortly after this experience Mike took an extensive training course from Adobe's top Photoshop trainer in Canada and regularly updates his knowledge as opportunities permit.  Mike not only teaches the program but uses it extensively in his studio. "Photoshop is a great program and can do just about anything I can think of to an image from slight corrections to rebuilding a fire damaged print".

Additional Products
Being a techno nut, Mike uses or has used a variety of hardware and software.  From monitor calibration equipment, densitometers, high speed printers, laptops, tablets, projection equipment, laminators, wide format printers and a lot more.