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My entry into photography began with nature and wildlife and continues with that to this day.  Life and business had me step back for a while from the nature and wildlife photography but it is something that I truly love and I am so happy to be back enjoying it as much as I ever have.  From tracking down wildlife or waiting up for the stars to come out or waiting for the light and weather to light a scene perfectly it is something that I cannot get enough of and you will find this in my photo gallery.

Once I get to snap that perfect image I also love to bring it back to the office and edit it.  So much can be done today to enhance the image that it is like taking the image all over, what in days past would take hours to do can be done in minutes.  When the image is edited to perfection I then print the image on one of my many printers from 5x7 art cards to 24x36 wall prints. Unlike the days of chemicals today's Giclée printers operate with little noise and no odor so it makes printing as enjoyable as taking the image.
If you require a large number of prints for an office, hotel or commercial project contact me for help in selecting your images and for bulk pricing.

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, I have tried to arrange my images to make it easy to find what you are looking for but if you are having problems just contact me and I will send you a selection of images to choose from.

If you do not want to order on-line feel free to drop me a E-mail with the image number and the size that you would like to order. You are also welcome to phone or stop in to order at the studio, I am always ready to help.

International Shipping - select just the print (sorry cannot ship frames) and I will contact you with shipping costs. Or if you like E-mail me with the print number, size you are looking at and I will get you a price before you purchase the print.

All images and information on this web site are property of Mike Paterson & Paterson Photography Ltd.     Images may not be used for any reason without permission from Mike Paterson.
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