My newest edition has grown up :-)

I love it when things are all grown up to be what they should be. There are times when you pick-up something that you know it fits you perfectly,  a camera, camera bag, backpack, a nice coat.  Other times you don’t know why but that thing just does not feel right.

Well when I bought my latest camera a Canon 5D Mark IV it just did not feel right in my hands.  Yes the buttons were in different places than the rest of my cameras but that was not it, it was awkward for me to hold and more so to use.  Well about a week ago I decided that I would modify the camera a little and I ordered a new accessory for the camera.

Canon 5D Mark IV with grip / battery holder grown up
Canon 5D Mark IV with grip / battery holder grown up

I ordered the extended grip / dual battery holder.  I can say that this makes the camera feel right to me.  Yes it is heavier but the extra grip allows my hands to hold the camera securely, before this it felt weird to hold and difficult to use.  Add to that that I can now run dual batteries and I am really happy, I know that I can shoot for almost a full day without worrying about my battery levels.

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