Microsoft in trouble

I was just reading a report that says that “Microsoft is in serious trouble as people move away from computers to smart phones and tablets”.

Is it any wonder that we are doing so?

You buy a Microsoft product only to find out that it does not work correctly unless you modify your computer (add more RAM or a larger hard drive), you do that and then it does not work with the extra hardware that you have (the printer and scanner that was working great will not work with the new product even though the new product does not actually use the scanner or printer), so you fix that and the program runs but it slows your computer down so bad that you cannot use the program or your computer.

So you go out and buy a new computer that will run this new software only to find after all that the product only works properly half the time and the rest of the time it crashes and causes you more work than it solves.

AND they wonder why we don’t want their software!!!!!!!!!!

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