Metallic Paper – Prices

Metallic paper works great for many images to enhance the look of the final print. Best with images that have dark and light areas close together to show the dramatic effect of the paper. If you are not sure if this is the correct media please ask. I will look at your image and recommend the correct media. Some images do not improve when printed on metallic paper and I will let you know if it will work for your image. Vibrant colors really pop with this media!

Printing prices Metallic paper
Metallic paper sizes
Common print sizes – I can print any size/proportion you can imagine!


Laminating adds a layer of protection to your images so they will resist scratching. Laminated prints can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The added benefit with laminating and then mounting is that you will do not require glass when framing.  Not only does this save on framing costs but it also reduces the weight of the framed print.

Unlike the laminating that you have seen for your drivers license and other documents our laminating adds to the look of the image and does not take away.

We use a leather texture laminate. It gives a very high class finish . The best wear in the industry (sets your prints apart from the typical lab print).  This laminate is recommended for all photographic papers.

Foam Board Mounting

When a print is mounted it does a couple things for the image.  First the image is protected from bending or creasing. For larger prints this can save from having prints redone from creasing the print while handling it.  Second once mounted and laminated it allows the prints to be displayed in frames without glass.  Not only can this save a lot in framing costs but without glass the frames are a lot lighter. Plus the images look much richer.

We use a special black foam board to mount on. What makes it so special is that it has triple the density of the cheaper foams board that others use for mounting.  This means that if bumped or pushed our foam will not cave in like other foam boards.  The weight is close to other boards but the density will amaze you.