Metallic Paper – Prices

Metallic paper enhances the colors of the final print. Best with images that are high contrast and highly saturated to show the dramatic effect of the paper. If you are not sure if this is the correct media for you prints please ask.

Print sizes – I can print any size print you are looking for. Need an 18×24 no problem, need a 12×12 no problem. Contact me if you want a price as there are way to many sizes to list here.

Print Prices – These are photo, gallery & museum quality prints – I DO NOT do low quality poster prints or low quality discount / drug store prints.

Laminate – A clear fine leather coating so the photo is more resistant to scratches and can be handled. (See more information below)

Mount – The photo is mounted on my high quality foam board, when combined with the laminate you can frame without glass (See more information below)

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Common print sizes – I can print any size/proportion you can imagine!

Metallic Photo Paper framed

Prints with frames!

Prices below are for the print, laminated & mounted INCLUDING the frame. Same day service on most sizes.

READY to hang or to give as a gift. The following prices are for metallic prints, laminated, Mounted including frame!

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Full meal deal with metallic paper!

Laminate your metallic paper

Laminating adds a layer of protection to your images so they will resist scratching. Laminated prints can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The added benefit with laminating and then mounting is that you will do not require glass when framing. Save on framing costs and reduces the weight of the framed print and you do not get reflections.

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Photo laminate – Fine Leather, no glass required

Foam Board Mounting Metallic Paper

When a print is mounted it protects it from bending or creasing. Also once mounted and laminated it allows the prints to be displayed in a frame without glass.  This saves a lot in framing costs and the frames are a lot lighter. Images look much richer.

We use a special foam board to mount on. What makes it so special is that it has a better density than the cheaper foams board that others use for mounting.  This means that if bumped or pushed our foam will not cave in like other foam boards.

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Mounted on high density foam board

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Frame your prints with one of our many ready to go professional frames.

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