A marketing pet peeve


If you are going to take the time to do any marketing of yourself or your business “Do it right”!!! What do I mean? Simple if you are running a site on social media or even your own website give people the information that they need easily!

Pet Peeve

A big pet peeve of mine is marketing that does nothing to help the reader.  Like a Facebook page and web site that I was just on looking for where this person was located.  10 minutes and I still do not know if they are local to me or across the ocean. It would have taken no extra time to add a address.  For me it is my studio address 1263c 2 Ave South Lethbridge, but it could have been just a simple address like Lethbridge or Calgary.  If you are trying to get business you need to make it easy for the perspective client to know if you are even in the same area.

Just as bad…..

Another thing that I despise is marketing that is all generic.  I was on a Facebook page the other day for a larger business that had a post per day put out that had nothing to do with their business.  They were all fluff posts taken from a company that provides filler for Facebook or Blogs.  Sure use one or two a month, BUT NOT everyday!!!  I want to know something about the business not filler about the longest living cat or the top 10 barbecue tips for summer. I want to know what they offer, specials or tips about their products.  If you are selling auto parts why do most of your posts deal with anything but auto parts?

What to do

First thing is to make sure that you have your information on everything.  Address, phone number, area served.  Second if you are marketing a business or product, market it not fluff!!!

Here is my Facebook page, notice that it says in a number of spots where I am.  Also it says how to reach me. Also notice that the posts are by me, not filler!  On my blog it is the same thing.

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