Evening Shoot – Long Exposure

SO we all know the rules of photography. We know the rule of thirds, the rule of shutter speed should equal the mm of the lens for hand holding, use faster shutter speed to stop action, etc, etc. So why would someone break the rules? Well for fun of course!!

Long exposure evening shoot
Long exposure evening shoot, Lethbridge


Last night I set about to capture some of the fall colors, and being a creature of habit one of the stops was at Elizabeth Hall Wetlands. I was not there to capture birds or wildlife I was there for the trees and the colors. So I grabbed a camera, a tripod and a 3 stop neutral density filter and headed out. I was getting some great images of the water and trees when I saw the Blue Heron. Now you have to understand I was shooting from 2 seconds to 30 second exposures so seeing a bird in the water was not on my “I can do this” list. But why not try! So I turned my camera towards the Heron and started shooting. As soon as I took a couple images I realized what it must have been like for photographers from years ago to deal with this as a normal shutter speed. It was a challenge!!! After a half dozen images the Heron got tired of posing and flew off and my experiment was done. Putting the images on the computer showed me what I expected at least half the images were soft, but what I did not expect were the 3 that were bang on. I really like the look of the shots, much more saturated than a regular picture, the softer look of the water and just the challenge of getting a picture with those settings.

Not something I will do a lot but something that was fun to try.

Canon 5D mkIV, Canon 24-70L lens @ 70mm, 3 stop neutral density filter, tripod

100 ISO, 2.5s, f10

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