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Do you need locket photos? If so Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo Lab in Lethbridge is the place to head to.

Preserve Your Precious Memories with High-Quality Locket Photos

Imagine opening a delicate locket and seeing the faces of your loved ones captured in vibrant detail. The joy of carrying a treasured memory close to your heart is unparalleled. That’s why we believe in providing only the best when it comes to printing photos for your locket.

Locket Photos - Lethbridge - First Choice Photo Lab

Why Quality Matters

A story from one of our customers, Emily, beautifully illustrates the value of high-quality locket photos. Emily inherited a locket from her grandmother, with a tiny, faded photograph inside. Desiring to preserve the sentimental value, she sought our services to replace it with a new, clear image of her mother. When she saw the vibrant, meticulously printed photo, she was moved to tears. The difference high-quality printing made was astounding—it transformed the locket into a timeless keepsake, capturing her mother’s legacy in vivid detail.

Our Services

We specialize in printing photos for lockets of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a single tiny print or photos for a locket with multiple openings, we can handle it all. Our photos are printed on real archival photographic paper, ensuring that your memories will be preserved for a lifetime. Unlike photocopies, our prints boast the highest quality.

We can print from a variety of sources:

  • Photos
  • Negatives
  • Slides
  • Digital files from your cell phone, camera, or even graphic files

Quick and Convenient

Prints are done while you wait. Simply provide us with the size of the opening, or bring your locket in and we’ll measure it for you. We will print two sizes so you can trim the print to fit perfectly in your locket.

Pricing Locket Photos

For locket prints up to 2″x3″ from digital files

  • A single image, sized, on photographic paper (in three sizes) is $10 plus GST.
  • For additional images printed on the same sheet, it’s just an extra $2 for each image.
  • Scanning of photos, slides and negatives also available for additional fee
  • If you want to size your images and send in you pay standard printing prices

Bring your cherished memories to us, and we’ll help you preserve them in stunning detail. Visit us today and ensure that every glance at your locket brings a smile to your face.

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