Lethbridge Wedding Locations – 2024

Here is a list of Lethbridge Wedding Locations. If you are getting married in Lethbridge and looking for a location to have your wedding ceremony, or just have your pictures done, the following list will help you.

Bride’s you are welcome to share this list with your photographer.

Many of these locations book up early. If you’re looking at getting married during prime wedding season I would recommend that you book these as early as possible. Some I would contact even a year before your wedding to make sure you get the location that you want.

I did not include the smaller private locations as they seem to come and go yearly. If you find a location that is not on the list and you think I should add it please let me know.

I did contact a couple popular locations around Lethbridge. But as of the time of publishing this post they never bothered getting back to me. One location was very, very unhelpful and didn’t seem to care that I was putting out a list so wouldn’t give me any information to publish. I would suggest that if this is the service that you get when you call that you go someplace else.

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Galt Museum

  • 403-320-3954
Galt Museum, Lethbridge, Lethbridge weddings location, weddings, wedding photos


  • 403-327-2272
CASA Lethbridge. Photo locations, Lethbridge, Lethbridge weddings location, weddings, wedding photos

Sandman Hotel (formally the Lodge)

  • 403-328-1123
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Helen Schuler Nature Center – Roof top Garden

  • 403-320-3064

Lethbridge Research Station

  • Closed for ceremonies and pictures

Japanese Garden – Lethbridge

  • 403-328-3511
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Lethbridge Wedding Locations – Japanese Garden

Lethbridge Parks

  • 311
Henderson Lake, Lethbridge,  Lethbridge weddings location, weddings, wedding photos
Henderson Lake Lethbridge

University of Lethbridge

They do rent out banquet, ballroom and meeting space

If you can get a contact I can talk to with the info I would love to but it seems to fall between the different groups and not regulated.

Lethbridge College

They do rent out banquet, ballroom and meeting space

Final word on Lethbridge Wedding locations

I have been a photographer in Lethbridge for over 39 years and have been to many of these locations for weddings.

Some look good when you are scouting locations but when you get there for your wedding, or for your pictures, you find that there’s lots of people that are milling around in the background.

Also some of these locations change requirements from year to year. So when they say that you don’t need a contract one year the following year they may require a contract.

So I strongly, strongly recommend that you get something in writing from them so that you know that you have the space booked either for your wedding or for pictures.

ALSO have your photographer come to the location with you. I have gone to many locations that couple wanted only to see things like power lines or garbage cans that would be plainly in view during the ceremony and pictures.

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