Lethbridge Fine Art Reproduction & Printing

Lethbridge Fine Art Reproduction so you can sell copies of your artwork

Lethbridge Fine Art Reproduction & Printing at First Choice Photo. State of the art reproduction services to make your art work look amazing!!

Utilizing a fully light and climate controlled copy room I get you the best image and print possible. This insures that your copy work is dust free and minimizes an adjustments and retouching after digitizing.

The system that I use reduces glare and enhances the color. You can also have imperfections touched up or signature removed so you can sign the printed copies.

Polarized lighting and filters allow us to remove glare and shadows from our copy work. Producing high resolution digital files allows us to print from wallet size up to wall size. Perfect for the artist that wants to sell art reproductions at trade shows and craft fairs.

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Lethbridge Fine Art Reproduction & Printing – minimizing reflections and shadows

Lethbridge Fine Art Reproduction & Printing – Experience

In the printing industry for over 38 years first choice photo is capable of printing all your photography images.

From wallet size, to wall size. On a variety of photo media. Archival for over 200 years, and display permanent for 400 years.

A large selection of photo media is available to choose from. Matte, Luster, Gloss, Metallic, Canvas, Baryta, Fine art and much more. Paper produced by the best manufacturers. Epson, Ilford & Moab.

You can also order your prints with white space around the image for a signature, numbering and to make framing easier.

If you would like canvas prints they can be finished several ways. Coated, mounted, stretched or just printed and rolled. If shipping your work a long distance rolled canvas prints are a lot easier to ship. Using our museum grade semi gloss coating preserves the canvas. It also makes the canvas a lot more durable for handling and offers some protection from UV rays.

Turn around time

ALL work is digitized the same day that it is brought in and your work is NEVER shipped to a third party for digitizing. All work is handled in Lethbridge by a professional photographer.

Call today if you would like more information 403-327-1114 or click here

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