Just Google it!

I hear so often about people that put all their faith in what Google tells them.  If something is wrong they Google it. If they want to know how to do something they Google it. I do the same thing when I am stuck I do it with a lot of caution.  It is not just Google that can be an issue it is any place that offers free information. Or FREE courses and classes.

The other day I listened to a guest on the radio tell about the pitfalls of listening to on-line results about medical diagnoses. He was saying how much someone can be messed up by the results.  If you want to know how bad it is just Google something like “Red bump on arm” and see the results. Anything from a cancerous growth, to a steph infection, to a poisonous spider bite when all it was was a mosquito bite.

For the past number of months there has been ads on-line advising how to speed up your computer. The ads are showing people washing their keyboards in soap and water. Then when you check it out the ad is actually for a antivirus program. Or other ads showing a famous person offering to help you make millions. Then when you click the ad it is a scam and the famous person is not even involved.


This is also true about photography!!  You Google something like how to take meteor photos and you get people telling you to travel to another place on the planet. Telling you to buy all new equipment. To it cannot be done and everything in between.  Courses and classes are the same, last night I had a photography course pop up on one of my feeds.  It was offered by what appeared to be a reputable group. They were offering it for free and by all the amazing reviews this was all you needed to start a million dollar business. 

Then I looked into the actual information; Yes it was free for 4 weeks. But you could not finish a course in that time so actually it was not free.  Yes they covered a lot of information but honestly they made up most of it. Things like “Understanding and working with light colors that a professional will utilize to sell a photo”. It means nothing and by the snippet that they give you is all fill and no substance.

If you truly want to learn about anything, including photography read and study all you can BUT understand that many times the information is probably not 100% truthful.  Take courses (of course I think it should be my course for photography:-) ) but before you do weigh the information and who is presenting it.  Don’t assume if it is on line that it is true or even that if it is in person that it is true.  Weigh everything and trust no one as the saying goes.

NOTE: if you have photography questions feel free to call me.  I do not mind answering a few questions.  Better to ask then to get into trouble!

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