It makes me Wannacry!!!!

If you got the reference on the tag line above you are doing better than most people.  No I did not get hit by a virus or malware, at least not yet, but I want to again warn people about this and how to be smart when on your computer.

Over the past few days I have heard a lot of information about how to stay protected and some of it is really good and some is not.

First the best recommendation is to always back up your files and in this case you should also be shutting your back-up drive off. Any drive that is running when a computer gets infected can also be infected, if the drive is shut off you are safe!

One of the recommendations that is horrible is “Only open attachments from people that you know” THIS IS NOT the way to do it!!!  You will more than likely get a virus or malware from someone you know, so change it to this “ONLY open an attachment if you are expecting it”. PLUS to double check I always read the Email as well, if the Email says “Here is the information you wanted” most times this is a trap, or if it says “This is cool you should look at this” more than likely it is a trap as well. If someone is sending me something it will probably be something like “Mike, here is the information on the camera equipment that I am selling” and if I am not sure about that I will send an Email back to the sender and ask “did you send me an Email with an attachment?

There is a lot that can be done to minimize the chances of getting a virus or malware so lets take a little time to do it!!


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