It is cold and nasty what should I do for photography in this weather???

Flower - cold and nasty outside
On a cold and nasty day! © Paterson Photography Ltd.

So what do you do when it is cold and nasty outside?  It seems if you are a photographer in southern Alberta that we only have a few really nice days to take pictures outside.  If you are not into risking life and limb in our winter weather and low temperatures it can really hinder your photography so what should you do in the bad weather?  Well here are two tips to not only help you survive the weather but to help you improve your photography at the same time.


Something I tell all my students “Get to know your camera, whatever make or type that you have, COMPLETELY!” Learn the menus, functions, features and how to adjust these without having to think about it. Once you do that you will not be stuck trying to figure out how to adjust or set your camera when you should be taking a picture. Once you do that you know you will be able to make adjustments on the fly. Without having a nervous breakdown and once you know how to do that you will get better pictures.

I hear from so many people “If only I knew I could adjust that”. Or “You can do that with this camera”. Don’t waste your money on new accessories till you are comfortable with the ones that you have. All that starts with the camera itself.

Lesson: Take a few minutes with your camera to figure out what all the settings are. Read the manual. If you still are confused come in for a one on one course. I won’t tell anyone that you were confused 🙂


Set yourself up a mini studio in your house. Start taking pictures of plants, jewelry, wine glasses, food, tools, pets or whatever you have. You do not need any studio equipment. Many times a tripod and some longer exposures will work amazing. Use window light, use regular light bulbs and play. By playing when you have time to you will improve your photography. Also you may find something that you really like to do.

Lesson: Schedule a day a week, or more if you like, to try different types and styles of photography.  You may just find out that you like something you never thought about.

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