It is all in your point of view.

It is all in your point of view.

It is funny (or sad really) how many people have an opinion on what other people should do or how they should proceed with their life. I have listened to many people over the years try and suggest, or help someone else, and truthfully they really have no idea what that other person wants or where they are planning to go.

I have had people tell me that “If they want to be a better photographer they need to buy this or that camera” or “they are never going to …………….. unless they do this or that”. Today I realized what that must look like on the larger scale of things.

Since I came here to the campsite that I am at I have been watching a couple HUGE freighters in the bay. One of the freighters is close to me and one is a long way off. They are identical boats, same size, colour and company name. The close one is the first one at night to turn on their lights, and the first one to shut them off. I thought to myself that this guy must have gotten here first and is the first in line to be loaded, he is obviously a better captain than the other guy “I can tell from all my nautical experience this is true”, that experience that I have by the way happens to be very, very little.. Well today I wake up and the freighter that was way out is gone, it has been pulled in for loading, and the one that is close to me is still there and I realized how true this is in so many things in life. We “think” we know what is right for someone else or we “think” we know who is better or what is better, but honestly most times we are as clueless as I am about boats!

So the next time before you make up your mind or give your two cents on a subject, make sure that you understand the entire picture and not just the part that you see. It may surprise you when you get educated to know what is really happening.

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