Is it worth restoring???

I hear this so many times in a week, Is it worth restoring? People come in with pictures and the first thing they say is “You probably cannot do anything with this picture”. Or “I don’t think it is worth restoring”.

The truth is that almost all pictures can be improved. From adjusting the contrast, adjusting color or repairing scratches the image will look better.

But is it worth doing anything? From a history point a view MOST DEFINITELY!!! Once an image is gone or destroyed so bad that you cannot tell who or what was it is to late. So get the image repaired ASAP! Get the image copied. Put it on a digital back-up that way if the original does get destroyed or lost you have copies.

If you have an image you are not sure about bring it in. I charge nothing to look at the image and let you know what can be done and what it will cost. Plus all the work is done in Lethbridge. With the image being digitized while you are waiting so no shipping the image away to get lost.

Is it worth restoring Photo Restorations
Photo Restorations – is it worth restoring

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