Integrity Hyundai – NO INTEGRITY!!!

No Integrity!!

We went to Integrity Hyundai in Lethbridge and found that there was not much Integrity there.

I have seldom written a complaint on here but this made me MAD!!

My daughter needed a car for school. Went in and we drove a used Sonata. Got the prices and info and we went home so she could think about it. She texts the salesperson at 7pm to say she will take it at a certain price and with the new tires he offered as well as the extended warranty package. Gets a response “I will make that happen for you” then minutes later “Just talked to my boss done”. We went in at 9am the next day to pay for it but the lady that works in finance was not in. They agreed that it was okay if she came back later that they would hold the car. My wife and her go back to pay after lunch and they changed their mind and refused to include the tires. THEN the kicker “We have someone else that is here to buy it”. They changed their deal as they got a higher offer. NO INTEGRITY at all!!! Funny thing is that I have bought two new cars from them and I have recommended them dozens of times. I hope the extra thousand dollars was worth it as I will be telling all my business associates, students and posting this on all social media!! Send this to others!!!!

It is a sad state when the mighty dollar is more important then ones own integrity!

3 thoughts on “Integrity Hyundai – NO INTEGRITY!!!”

  1. Please post the names of the salesperson, sales manager and the dealer principal so I can repost on social media. What these un professionals did is diabolical to the auto industry. Integrity means where your actions are consistent to your beliefs and obviously IH has no fundamental sense of any honest beliefs and loyalty to its customers Mike!!

    • The sales person was Terry. Not sure of the sales managers name as my daughter was the one dealing with him and I tried to take a back seat so she could do the dealing. I am proud of how she dealt with them and that she did not cave in when they pushed her but still upset with their dealings!!

  2. UPDATE: Monday 22, 2019 – The dealer called and offered the car to my daughter at the original price. SO that means that the other buyer never bought it and they burnt their bridge way ahead of time. On top of that there is an airbag light that is coming on and they cannot get it fixed so they are still working on it.

    Finally and this is the best, they “request” that I take the posts down explaining this to people.

    SO to sum it up they tried screwing over someone to make some extra money, got burnt when the second buyer did not take it and now want to come back to my daughter to get what they can on the deal.

    Yup still no Integrity!!!


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