I just cannot get caught up……. HELP!!!

This is something I hear from many photographers and it is usually related to dealing with all the digital files that are on a camera card.  It seems like these things multiply like rabbits, you go out to shoot a few pictures today a few tomorrow and a few the next day then when you have a minute you sit down at the computer and WOW are there a lot of files.

The best way is to stay on top of your downloading, filing and editing but if you have gotten behind NOW is the time to do something. First thing is to stop the build up, create a temporary folder on your hard drive and call it anything you like from mess to nightmare or whatever.  Then transfer all your images there.  Make sure that the files are backed-up then format your camera card, now you are starting from a clean slate.

Now as you take pictures make sure that as soon as you shoot them you file them.  When you have a few spare minutes start filing and editing the files that you have put into your temporary folder, it may take a while but if you don’t do it this way the mess will only grow!!!

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