How do you treat people???

How do you treat people???

I am always surprised by how many photographers treat other people, especially other photographers, like garbage. Maybe it is an artist thing, or maybe there is a course out there about if you treat people badly you will make more money, I am just not sure what it is.

This past trip to Waterton I ran into two different people that must have taken the course about treating others badly as both were not nice people. One lady, using that term very loosely, could have cut through steel with the glare that she gave me. I pulled off the road where there was a bear and after stopping realized that I was still in traffic and that the bear was walking away from my vehicle so I decided to pass this couple and pull off onto a part that was well off the road and well ahead of the bear. In order to do this I had to pass the couple that were ahead of me, so I pulled out onto the road, passed them and then parked. When I got out of my vehicle to get a monopod she was glaring at me like I was on her private land. She turned to her husband that was photographing the bear and said something that I barley caught but he just ignored her and went on with his photography.

The second person was parked on Red Rock Parkway taking some pictures of a grizzly with his 800mm lens. I stopped and watched the bear for a while then as I was leaving and he was packing up I asked him if he saw the other bear that I was just stopped at. Well you would think that I threatened his life as he went nuts! “You mean a bear that any idiot could stop and photograph, one that would be causing a bear jam? NO I HAVE NOT photographed THAT BEAR!!!!”

WHY do people, especially photographers it seems, have to be like this. Sure there are lots of people taking pictures, sure some are idiots, sure some are doing things that I do not support, but why be so rude?

I had someone the other day step in front of me while I was shooting, I was a little upset but never flipped out. When they looked behind and saw me they apologized and we ended up talking for 20 minutes about photography and Waterton. No drama, no rude looks or words.

So next time we are taking pictures and someone interacts with us, good or bad, let’s take a second before we react and think how we would like to be treated, a kind word can go a long way!

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