House Hunting

Spring is around the corner and house hunting season is upon us. I always know when spring is arriving when the screams start early in the morning and go till sunset. No it is not only my wife screaming at the predators eating her song birds. But the hawks coming back to stake out nesting sites. The screams start as soon as they arrive in the neighborhood and go till the eggs have been laid. Then once the young hatch the get back to screaming till the young are out of the nest.

House hunting

So far only a couple new visitors to the neighborhood this year but with the temperatures climbing next week that should change fast.

Our bird feeders and bird baths attract lots of song birds but they also attract those that find song birds tasty. We seem to be one of the first stops to those that are returning for a quick meal before they head out house hunting.

March 13, 2019

Canon 70D Sigma 150 – 600 400 ISO

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