Hints & Suggestions #1

Many people have asked me to start a hints and suggestion area of my blog so here we go.  The first one is not going to be photography related as it just happened and is fresh in my mind.

Many will know how much I love Telus, have had great service over the years and am very happy with them for all my phones and Internet.  Well I was looking at my bill yesterday and saw that it had a feature that I was not using very much (okay not at all), called and asked about getting this feature changed.  Well it ends up that I can switch phone packages and save $20.00 per month and keep all the features that I need.  Then the customer service person says that they will upgrade my Internet to a package that is 4 times as fast and drop this price by $5.00 per month.  Then asked about my studio and the same thing with the Internet – upgrading it to a package that is 4 times as fast for the same price.

Funny thing is I was told a year ago that I was on the fastest plan available for both locations, how things change!

My point is take the time to look over your bills.  In the last two months I have now saves just about $100.00 per month by just calling and asking for a better plan or rate on different things from supplies, phone service, Internet service, cell phone and insurance policies.  Don’t think that you are getting the best deal or you even need to pay for something – ASK!

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