Hint & Suggestion #2

I am always asked how to keep your images safe from harm.  If you are serious about photography what can you do to keep your images safe and secure.  Well if you want to make sure that all your images are backed up and protected from computer crashes, fires and floods here are a few ideas;

1) Burn to disk as soon as you get to a computer.  I hear so often that “I was planning on burning them”.

2) Use an external hard drive.  Internal drives will often crash with your computer. Use an external to make sure you have an extra copy.

3) Burn more disks.  Many times people will burn a disk of the fresh images, then after doing some work on the images they forget to make another back-up.

4) Store disks  off site!  If you have a safety deposit box use that, if not ask family or friends if you can take some disks to their place to store them.  Don’t bother with on-line storage companies, they are not very reliable and you are just a number.

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