Our new Blogs home!

Welcome to Paterson Photography’s blog.

If you have been following my testing of different blogs, etc  you will know that this is one of many that I have tried, cool thing is that I like this one!

I think that I may have found one that I will stay with.  I will be importing some of the old blogs from my previous test sites to get this one up and running.

If  all goes well, I want to update the blog weekly or more if we have exciting things that happen.

I will be keeping Facebook going for the contests but I really do not like the way that they change the workings on a regular basis so I will not be using that for anything other than the contests.

1 thought on “Our new Blogs home!”

  1. I joined your facebook group last month and now see that you are blogging. I work at Family Centre and am currently researching the new media…blogging, twittering, facebook and the purposes of each. You wrote that you have tried a variety of blog sites…didn’t know there was more than one. I’d love to hear your trials and tribulations. If you have time to share lessons learned please email me or call me at Family Centre at 320-4232.

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