We have some GREAT news, as of today Paterson Photography has started the process to switch our printing to a new Epson 9900 printer.

What does this mean for you our customers?
Over the next month your will be seeing a major increase in the size, quality and the color of the prints that we offer – for those that thought the quality was great before wait till you see the quality that the new canvas and Black & white prints will have to offer!! As well we will now be offering prints up to 44″ wide and 100″ long!!!! The largest and highest quality prints available in southern Alberta. We will also see an increase in print longevity and an increase in the scratch resistance of your prints without lamination!

Why the upgrade?
One of the BIG requests from our printing customers has been for larger regular prints as well as canvas prints and with this new printer we will now be able to offer 44″ x 100 ” prints using a new ink system that will make the colors really impressive. This will allow you to get knock your socks off prints for your clients that are not available any place else. Also, with the upgrade we are adding a new special black & white service that is unequaled – TRUE black & white prints that will make your print collections amazing in sizes up to 44″ x 100″!!

The printer is on its way and we hope to have the full switch made by the end of November to the larger printer.

We will let you know when things are fully up and running and will have some specials so you can try out the new system with some great Black & White prints and some wonderful canvas prints!

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