How good the web is . . . . . . . . .

I hear from many people about how good the web is and how much they learn by “Googling something” and I do agree that many things are found out on line. But so many of them are wrong that it is amazing. I belong to a number of Facebook groups as well as I am on blogs that cover a wide array of subjects and boy is there ever a lot of information that is wrong and or misleading. From small things like a business hours are posted different than what they are to major things like sure you can take #@##$#% and you will be fine (when the product is actually deadly). I have said this many times PLEASE check things out thoroughly before doing anything. Some of this advise is dangerous that is out there.

I was just researching some areas and I see a post that is so far off that it will actually cause anyone problems that follows it. Another post I recently read tells people how they should set their cameras for taking pictures in a church and the problem is the information is 180 degrees wrong. If anyone was to follow it they would not get a single image to turn out.

So for a New Years resolution lets all agree that before we listen to, react to or in any way believe something we will research it completely. This should help each of us to not panic when someone on the net says that something terrible has happened, save us from messing up our computers or cameras and prevent us from giving out our credit card number when we get a call or Email about winning another lottery.

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