Gift Idea – Day 3

The next idea for a Christmas gift for the photographer on your list is money. Why money as a gift idea? Well many times people like to get a present for the photographer they are buying for, like a lens or a flash, etc, but many times they do not know what camera manufacturer or camera type they have. This can be a BIG problem so instead of buying something that you are not sure of, give money with a note that says something like “This is for that lens that you are looking at” or “I wanted to buy you a flash but was not sure which one so here is some money towards it”. If you think that they may spend the money on something else then do a card with a note in it that says “I would like to go shopping with you for that new lens and will pay for it”, or you will put so much towards it.

Last year I had a husband come in to ask me about buying his wife a lens. Fortunately I knew which lens she was looking at as I do printing for her and she was telling me how much she wanted to get this lens. The problem was that the husband was looking at the wrong one, she wanted the Canon 70-200L F2.8 IS, the store that he went to told him that he should buy the 70-200L F4 without IS – a big difference!! So he instead did the card idea and told her that he would like to put X amount towards the new lens, when she got the card she was ecstatic as she had saved enough already to be able to buy the lens with the extra money he put towards it, she got exactly what she wanted!

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