Getting great pictures!

Meadowlark Spring 2018
Meadowlark Spring 2018

Great picture

Getting a great picture is as much good fortune as anything.  I know many great photographers that understand their camera inside and out but they do not get any really great images.  I know other photographers that struggle to understand ISO and shutter speed but they get lots of great images. So why the difference???

So what is the difference?  Many times it is just how often a person picks up a camera.  If you have a camera with you most of the day, or you make it a point to take the camera out at least once a day.  You will get the opportunity to get some amazing pictures.  If you stay inside most of the time or leave your camera at home you are less likely to get a memorable image.

Bird Photography Course

Sometimes it is taking a course that will give you the motivation to carry your camera and to get off the coach.

So now what?

So now that the weather is improving what should you do?

  1. Clean up your camera gear and adjust things
  2. Clear off your camera card
  3. Start carrying your camera when you go for walks
  4. Look for new subjects and photo worthy areas to go to
  5. Take pictures
  6. Take more pictures
  7. and take more pictures!!

If you need motivation Google subjects like bird photography and see what other people are doing or join a forum or Facebook page to see what others are shooting.

If you still need help, take a photography course or a workshop, it does not have to be a week long course you could even take a 2 hour class just to get you out the door and forced to take pictures.

A great picture of a Meadowlark Spring 2018
Meadowlark Spring 2018

Don’t let the amazing weather pass you by, there are lots of subjects waiting to have their pictures taken so get out and start shooting!!!!

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