Forget about the Joneses

I have seen many times a business or a person gets off track by trying to keep up with the Joneses. You are your own person / business and unless there is a real reason to change don’t keep changing. If making a change has a purpose like improving your product or life then that is one thing.

If you are changing because someone else did then DON’T!!!

Who are the Joneses?

Some students come in for classes and they tell me they are interested in changing gear. Either to a different camera manufacturer, model, type, etc. When I ask why they cannot answer. They are doing so because someone else did or someone said they should. If you need the new technology then make the switch, if not then don’t!

Keeping up with the Joneses

A great lesson!

Years ago I was covering a lecture by a famous photographer. During the Q&A the question came up as to what camera he used. He pulled out an old camera. It was made by a manufacturer that did not have a true professional camera line. Over half the crowd tuned out from that point on. Why? He did not have the newest or best. The funny thing was that in the crowd of several hundred there was maybe two or three full time photographers that made a living taking pictures. The speaker had been making a living in photography for years. Plus it was a good living!!! The ones that tuned him out expected him to be one of the Joneses they could keep up to.

Test it

Take a simple test. Ask yourself if the change is going to make you better? Is the change going to improve your company? Will the change improve your product? Will the change open doors for you or your company? If the change is not going to do at least one of the above then it is not worth it!!!

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