Food Photography Course

Presented by Paterson Photography Ltd & Grigo Photography (the two Mikes)

Learn how to take food images that will leave everyone hungry!

$75 per student – 12 students max

This four hour course will start with teaching by Mike Paterson on camera types, lenses, camera settings,various light sources and much more.

– Camera settings for low light and studio lights
– Lens selection what is the look you want and what lenses will give you the look
– White balance to make your food look natural
– Flash vs available vs constant lighting and what you should consider for your food photos

Then we will move into a demo by Mike Grigo as we watch him prepare food to be photographed and set-up lighting and photograph the food.

– How to select food that will look the best in pictures
– How to use props and effects to add to the image
– Tricks to make your food look better than it does in real life

If time permits we will also cove off preparing of images for the Internet and for printing.

This class is mostly teaching and demos, as such a camera is not necessary but you are welcome to bring your camera for the teaching on camera settings.

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