Flash Back Friday….. #9

The Canon 20D was a good camera, it was an improvement on the Fuji S1 & S2 and I was happy. Well I was happy for a while, Canon came out with the 30D and I saw a few benefits but overall I was not impressed enough to upgrade.  I wanted to switch to one of Canon’s more advanced cameras but I was having a hard time justifying the expense so I held on to the 20D.

Then came the 40D!!!!!  Honestly this was the first digital camera that I thought was worth the money.  Quality was really good, the camera was built like it was made by a photographer and I was happy to switch.  This was also the first switch that I was so impressed that I sold off EVERYTHING else and bought several 40D’s so all my cameras were the same. I also finally sold off my Pentax 645 that I could not bring myself to sell off before this.  This marked the cutting of my final ties to film

If digital photography would have stopped at this point I would have been a happy camper… sorry photographer 🙂

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