Flash Back Friday….. #8

I really loved the Fuji digital cameras and would still be with them today but the delay in getting them on the market was starting to affect me.  Other photographers were starting to go digital and I was starting to fall behind.  I waited as long as I could and finally could not wait any longer.  I had looked at and tested everything on the market and could not see myself staying with the Nikon lens mount as at that time they were behind in the digital department. My choice was Kodak or Canon, and the Kodak was priced way too high for me (at the time I think they were around $40,000 for an outdated body and they were not looking like they would be around much longer).

I moved to Canon. There were a lot of reasons to move and it was easy to go back to Canon but at the same time it was frustrating.  I had some auto focus lenses for Canon but of all the lenses that I had only one worked with the Canon digital.  My older Canon flashes would not work at all, they had worked fine on the Fuji cameras (well they worked 🙂 ) but nothing on the Canon.  My first Canon was the Canon 20D.  The colors were not as good as the Fuji’s but the quality overall  was so much better with more megapixels.

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