Flash Back Friday….. #6

Well like I said before sometimes your dreams do not work out like you would want them to, for me what happened was even better than I could dream.  I picked up a digital camera on a trip to Calgary to give it a try.  It was a Fuji S1 Pro and it was actually my second digital camera. I was given an earlier digital camera that I sold as I was not impressed with the early digital quality, the lack of printers and the lack of good editing programs. I had just received what I thought was my dream camera system the Pentax 645N and had only shot a test roll with it before I bought the digital.

Well on my way back from Calgary with the S1 Pro I got a call from a new client that wanted a shoot done that day and it had to be with a digital camera.  I arrived back to Lethbridge and set-up the digital and that was the beginning of the end of film in my studio.

I can honestly say that it was not easy sailing to get into digital but it was something that I took as a challenge and did enjoy the new technology.  The first day with digital I did learn a valuable lesson. When I got back to the studio the new client was waiting and was in a BIG hurry.  They knew that I was going to have to set-up the camera but still were in a rush. Got everything going and started the pictures.  When I went to look at the images I took they were not there, I had forgotten something minor like the camera card – was not a good start but it was a start! Like the saying goes “A journey of a thousand steps starts with one step”, I had taken the first step!

Foot Note: My Pentax camera only shot two or three weddings as when I got the digital I went digital with everything a couple of weeks later.  To this day it breaks my heart to not have used it but I can honestly say that I liked digital so much that to use the 645 was going back and not forward in my eyes.

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