Flash Back Friday….. #5

My DREAM camera!!!!

After years with the A2E and the Bronica I was at a conference were Pentax and Fuji had booths.  I had been looking at the Pentax 645N camera with a zoom lens for years and years – it was my dream camera system.  The Pentax rep knew me and when I was talking to him about the camera he went and got one with the lens I wanted and gave it to me, so I headed to the Fuji film booth who also knew me and they gave me a couple rolls of film to try so I headed out and try them.  I was sold and I ordered it that day!!!

Sometimes your dreams do not work out like you think and this was one of those dreams.  After waiting for the camera to arrive for almost three weeks it arrived the same week I “tried” out a digital camera, well the rest is history!!

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