Flash Back Friday….. #4

The Canon  AE-1 was a great camera and I loved it but some new technology was coming out and that was auto focus.  I saw a Canon A2E at a trade show and was sold so I picked up the A2E and started adding some auto focus lenses. I also bought a Bronica 645 camera system.  Bought it as much for the camera as the story behind it.  The guy I bought it from was an older guy that was an engineer and used the camera around the world.  Was in Egypt, Panama, so on and so on.

Was a great little camera for playing with but I was never comfortable doing weddings with it as it was older and I was never 100% sure that it would work.  Took a lot to get use to the interchangeable backs and loading them ahead of time and then switching out when you needed to.  The print quality from the larger 645 negative was amazing.  Only problem was that I had a lab set-up for 35mm negs and could do my own developing and printing from 35mm but with the 120/220 film I had to send it away and the turnaround time was a killer.

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