Flash Back Friday….. #2

After I got the photography bug I searched around for a better camera and one that I could grow with. I looked at a lot of cameras and finally settled on a Minolta X-370.  I loved the camera and the quality of lenses that Minolta sold was amazing only issue that I would find out later was that their lenses were VERY expensive.  Funny how back in the 80’s you would think that Minolta would be around forever, they made a great camera at a great price and I sold hundreds of these cameras.

After a few years I wanted to upgrade to get some different lenses and I was sad to find that the lenses that I wanted were not available from Minolta or if they were the price was insane.  I tried some other brand of lenses and I was VERY disappointed at the quality so I started to look for another brand to move to. This search took a while as it was hard to part with such a good camera.

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