Flash Back Friday….. #11

Well there is one more camera that is keeping me company as I type this.  Yes the 70D’s still are my work horses for so much but late last year I picked up a Canon 5D Mark IV.  Why? Who knows 😉

I wanted a full frame camera for a lot of reasons and I said if the 5 came out with the right amount of pixels I would get one. Well it came out with what I thought was enough pixels and a good ISO range so I got one.  I do like it for many things, it is teamed up with my wide angle and smaller telephotos and I like what it can do for those lenses.

Am I going to continue to update? Not sure.  What comes out next is going to have to have a lot of updates over what I have now.  I am not currently interested in video so that will not move me to something new.  Will have to wait and see 🙂

The past 32 years have seen a number of cameras come and go at my studio, if I could do anything differently I would have liked to have more lenses.  The cameras at the time were what I needed to do the work that I was doing. When I look back the one thing that I see is that some of the work I did during the early days needed bigger lenses or faster lenses, it worked but it could have worked so much better with more and better glass!

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