Fire damaged photos

Fire damaged photos, those three words can be more terrifying than a Steven King novel. Before you give up here are some things to consider.

First if we are talking about photos that have slight edge damage to them it may not be as bad as it seems. If your photos are partially burnt many times they can still be restored to good or even GREAT quality. Sometimes without a lot of cost to as good or even better condition than the originals. 

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If your photos were completely destroyed there is nothing that anyone can do to restore them. But I suggest the following.  Depending upon the age of the photos that were destroyed some of the things that I suggest people do are as follows. First contact family members that may have copies of these photos. Family Photos may have been shared with brothers or sisters, aunts or uncles or cousins. Grandparents may have copies of these pictures as well. But don’t just stop with immediate family reach out to other members of your family that are even more distant. In one instance a distant family member had copies of a number of photos that were destroyed of great great grandparents. They let the people borrow them and we were able to copy them and reprint them for them.

Newer photos such as wedding photos or family photos. Sometimes you are able to go the photographer and get copies.

Just like smoke damage photos photos fire damaged photos are not going to deteriorate very rapidly. But PLEASE do not put off having these photos restored as over time they will still deteriorate. One of the biggest things that you have to worry about is how brittle the photos are. Careful handling is a must.

Fire damaged photos what to do

In this video I talk about several things that you can do. More importantly things you should not do if you have fire damaged photos. Be careful of many of the things that you hear of and read online. Some of these will damage your photos or completely destroy them.

If you need help with your fire damage photos please give me a call. I can go through your options.

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