Fall Trip

I love fall camping, exploring and photography. This fall it went from summer to winter and I had to wait till fall came back. Even then it was not a big deal around here as there is snow and cold to deal with way too early this year. I decided that a trip to Banff and Yoho was in order. The weekend I choose was nice but cool, in fact during the night it got really cold!! I heard a number of RV’s heading out around 3 am as I don’t think they were prepared for the cold temperatures in the mountains.

This time of the year I love heading to Banff through Kananaskis. The drive is nice and the colors are amazing!!!

Cold fall rushing water
Time lapse of a creek by my campground

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Banff was still busy so I did not spend a lot of time there. I wanted to get to Yoho for some pictures of Takakkaw Falls and I made it with GREAT light!!

Takakkaw Falls in the fall!
Takakkaw Falls, Yoho

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Fall Colors

I wanted to spend some more time in the area. Unfortunately there were still a lot of people around and it is hard to get pictures when areas are jammed with people. Also with all the snow melting there was a lot of mud so going may places was hard. Maybe I can get back at least one more time before winter sets in!

I also have a couple ideas for some night shoots around Banff. If I can get up there when it is clear out that would be a real benefit!! I have till December before they shut down the road going through Kananaskis so maybe, just maybe I can sneak away!