External storage

External storage a quick caution (I must sound like a broken record). I am a big fan on using an external hard drive to store images, a low cost VERY effective tool to add storage to your computer. BUT there are a couple things to check, and it seems like many people miss this part (as I find out each week at the studio). 1- If you get a new external drive check that it works on a couple computers. Some drives are set-up to only work on one computer, this is bad. If your computer dies that you had this drive set-up to work on you are out of luck. Make sure that the drive will work on other computers. I get one or two of these a month and people are always shocked that the drive worked at home, why doesn’t it work here? 2- If you are getting a drive for occasional use, like an hour a day or every couple of days you can get a passport or a external hard drive. If you are going to be running the external drive for several hours a day stay away from the passport type drives, These drives are not designed to cool themselves and will get hot. If you want a drive for a lot of use get a drive that plugs into an adapter and has cooling fans / vents. Once again better to prepare now than to get in trouble later.

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